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Discipline for Learning

Discipline for Learning (D4L) is about focusing on learning. D4L gives students a chance to do the right thing and collect house points. Students take responsibility for their behaviour; it is ultimately the student who makes the choice to receive a reward or a consequence, not the teacher. D4L is about making positive choices!

– Students will be rewarded house points when they get it right
– Students will be given redirections to change their behaviour
– Consequences follow poor behaviour
– The rules apply to everyone
– The rules apply everywhere in school
– Teachers aim for a 5:1 balance of praise and redirections
– Every lesson is a chance to start again!

All students are expected to put learning first and follow our expectations. Staff will help students to make the right choices about behaviour by redirecting them. Staff will always make it very clear when a redirection is given. Any action in which a teacher gives a student a chance to get their behaviour right, is counted as a redirection.

Staff can redirect students in a number of different ways:

– Mentioning their name
– Directly talking to a student
– Moving a student

Teachers are always looking for positive behaviour and will give house points for it.

If a student chooses to not put their behaviour right after being redirected, then a consequence will follow.Our consequences:

Our Consequences

  • No consequence -  Redirection to get back on task
  • L1 - Repeated redirections and off task behaviour Recorded
  • L2 - Repeated off task behaviour, lateness to lesson or failure to complete homework
    Whole school break-time detention (10 minutes)
  • L2 Late - Late to school with no parental reason 
    Whole school break-time detention (10 minutes)
  • L3 - Phone confiscation, inappropriate behaviour or rudeness, failure to attend 
    L2, three lates to lessons in a week, failure to wear correct uniform.
    Whole school lunchtime detention (20 minutes
  • L4 - Withdrawal from a lesson for serious misbehaviour and preventing others from learning, failure to comply with a member of staff.
    Three morning lates 
    Whole school after school detention the following day, 3.00pm – 4.00pm (1 hour)
  • L5 - Use of inappropriate language, failure to comply, serious misbehaviour,
    Prohibited items, repeated withdrawal from lesson, bringing the reputation of the school into disrepute, fighting, inappropriate use of phone.
    Internal suspension, 8.35am – 4.00pm

The above are examples of the types of behaviour alongside the level of consequence and cannot be considered exhaustive. The level of consequence will be determined upon the individual circumstances of the incident.

D4L House points and awards

How do students earn house points?

– In lessons, by good work and effort, meeting deadlines, not disturbing other.
– Students get extra house points when they receive a D4L award
– House points are also awarded for participating in house events

All house points count towards the LHS house competition for The Abbott Shield.

Merit Awards are given for good work, effort or achievement. Teachers record these on SIMS and give students a subject postcard. A Merit Award is worth 5 house points.

Hot Choc Friday is a Headteacher’s award for outstanding students who always work hard, always try their best and go above and beyond what is expected of them. Nominations are put on SIMS by subject teachers and are worth 20 house points.

Sneak and Eat is an award for KS4 students who have worked consistently hard and produced exceptional work throughout the week. Nominations are put on SIMS by subject teachers and are worth 20 house points.

House points are awarded every lesson for positive behaviour. Teachers record house points on SIMS.

Distinction Awards are given for exceptional work or achievement. Teachers record these on SIMS and give students a subject postcard. A Distinction Award is worth 10 house points.